BookDroid 1.1.9 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.8 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.7 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.6 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.5 released! See the change log here.


BookDroid 1.1.3 released! See the change log here.Includes full support for DRM free M4B files!


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BookDroid 1.1 released! See the change log here


Absent Oy has published
BookDroid audio book listener
for Android Platform.



BookDroid currently works on Android 2.1 and Android 2.2.


BookDroid is an audio book listener for Android devices. The main focus
of the application is easy listening of audio books with no complicated
player management.


  • Supports all audio files that Android platform supports

  • Contains personal audio book library, where you
    can add/remove/modify audio books

  • No matter if your audio book is in a single file or
    multiple files, you can combine them into one audio book

  • Add/edit/remove bookmarks in audio books

  • Auto save keeps the right position whether application
    is shut down unexpectedly

  • Unlimited undo/redo

  • Supports skip seeking (with configurable skip step, and chapter skipping), track seeking and specific "jump to" type seeking. There are two track seekbars, one for the whole book and one for the current section

  • Section seek function to display all book sections and able to jump to beginning of selected section

  • You can download thousands of royalty free books straight
    within the application

  • Downloads can be either audio files, or zip files, which
    BookDroid automatically extracts them if they are archives

  • Audio books can be transferred through USB or similar
    method to device?s memory card (just like music)

  • Auto updater

  • Sort audio books or bookmarks based on user settings

  • Cover art support

  • Control playback using bluetooth or headset button. Headset control works also when you unplug the headset, the playback is paused and when you reconnect the headset, the playback continues

  • Sleeptimer, you can set sleeptimer in order to playback to stop automaticly after given timen

  • Library backup/restoration so you can save your library even if the device changes

  • Looping support, you can set loop start and end and toggle the looping

  • Customizable mass import feature which enables you to import whole directory of books and BookDroid automaticly creates the books based on directory names

  • Auto orientation

  • Playback notification, when an audio book is playing, there will be a persistant notification in the notification area. If this notification is clicked it will open BookDroid for quick access

  • Volume fine tune

  • Full support for DRM-free M4B files (chapter data and cover art)!

  • Full screen view so display your cover art for You and others



How to obtain

To download the trial go here.

To obtain the registration key go here.


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suggestions or have some problems with your application, please donĀ“t hesitate
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